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Payment Frequency & Minimum
Payment Frequency & Minimum
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We support Daily, Weekly, Bi-Monthly (Bi-Weekly) & Monthly payments.
All accounts start with Bi-Weekly payments as default.
Daily & Weekly payments are available based on your account history with us. 

All payments are confirmed and issued within 5 - 7 business days from your period closing date.

Biweekly Payment Period: 1-15 & 16-31

Minimum to get paid:

Paypal ($100 threshold)

Payoneer ($100 threshold)

Wire ($500 threshold)

BTC ($500 threshold, 7% fees)

Weekly & Daily: Please contact your AM

Any further questions, contact your support.

If your payment method is NOT set before period closes, you will NOT be added to our payment list. Your balance will then move forward to the next payment date.

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